Vinod Khosla Is Coming To Demo Mobile. Are You?

Vinod headshotDEMO Mobile is really coming together. I am very happy to announce Vinod Khosla will be speaking, along with an awesome roster of judges. From a post I just put up on the DEMO Blog:

It is difficult to find true contrarians these days in Silicon Valley. But Vinod Khosla is one of those rare VCs willing to back seemingly crazy ideas that turn out to change the world before it is clear how important those businesses will be. These days he is knee-deep in mobile (sitting on the boards of Square and Jawbone, and an investor in early-stage mobile startups such as,, and Instacart). I am thrilled to announce Khosla will join us as a keynote speaker at DEMO Mobile in San Francisco on April 17. (Register to attend here. Today is the last day to buy tickets at the early-bird rate).

I am equally excited about the other speakers and judges we are lining up for DEMO Mobile. They include current Kleiner Perkins partner Chi-Hua Chien, SoftTech VC Jeff Clavier, RunKeeper founder Jason Jacobs, Pixel Qi founder Mary Lou Jepsen, Cowboy Ventures VC Aileen Lee, Google Ventures general partner and Android co-founder Rich Miner, and Firespotter Labs founder Craig Walker (whose last previous companies GrandCentral and Dialpad became Google Voice and Yahoo Voice, respectively).

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