Mobile Is Just Scratching The Surface

scratching surfaceExcerpt:

It is hard to believe there are almost one million mobile apps for iOS alone, and another 500,000-plus for Android. Does the world really need that many apps? The answer is that we’ve barely scratched the surface. There is still so much to be done.

Think of it this way. The Internet hit its first million websites back in 1997. One million websites seemed like a huge number back then, but now it is well past half-a-billion total sites created (with 185 million of those active). Some of today’s biggest sites—Google, Facebook, Wikipedia—didn’t even exist back then.

And so it is true for mobile. The breakthrough products are only now beginning to surface. Mobile is having a deep impact not only in the way communicate, socialize, and play, but also in the way we work. It is taking computing into completely new areas and industries.

Preparing for DEMO Mobile on April 17 (register for tickets), I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with founders on the forefront of mobile product thinking. Here are a few trends I see playing out in mobile:

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Image credit: Ben Newton