Monday was my last day at TechCrunch, after more than four years and 4,000 posts. This blog is my new home on the Web. I’m keeping it simple. Just a WordPress blog where I will write about startups, technology, and media.

This is a personal blog. It is not a professional news site. I don’t plan to hire any other writers. I don’t even expect it to be my main project (but it is the first one I can share publicly). It will be personal in that I will be writing more for myself than to please readers, but if I please some of you along the way, all the better. I will use it to work through some ideas about media and technology, and as a sounding board, which I hope will inform other projects.

In a way, I am returning to blogging’s personal roots. But on the internet, the personal is very public, which is what originally made blogging interesting. Some of that got lost along the way as blogs became news sites. (Yes, I am partly to blame for that). News sites operate by their own logic which is hard to escape.

I won’t be chasing news here, although I might break some now and then. I am going to write about things I care about. Maybe some of you will care about them as well. What makes a good startup? Where is the nexus of mobile and social? What happens to media in a post-PC, post-TV world?

This will be my TechStream (the sub-title of this blog) because for me media and technology flow together. Over the past few years, media has become dominated by realtime streams—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on. Media is increasingly consumed as streams of information. Also, more generally, here is where I will publish my stream of thoughts on tech.

No pressure, no deadlines, no noise. All signal.

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52 thoughts on “PostCrunch

  1. Welcome back to the world of personal blogging! I can’t believe it was only four years ago that we last spoke, just as you were announcing the end of your old blog and joining TechCrunch.

  2. Good stuff Erick. Did you feel a little caged in in terms of how you could express your views and opinions at TC. I bet this new project will offer some liberation and inspire creativity. Been reading you work for years. Good luck!

  3. Right on, Erick! It pleases this reader to hear you’ll be writing more for your self than us, who you’ll wind up pleasing anyway; when a thoughtful writer writes what he really cares about, readers typically connect as well – a win-win, to be sure. Congrats, man.

  4. When we were selected as a TechCrunch Disrupt finalist, we had a great opportunity to work with you and Heather (for no particular reason beyond crazy schedules, we never crossed paths with Mike). Both of you were class acts that made the entire experience a great one that we still reap rewards from. For that, we’ll always be appreciative. I have zero doubt that you and Heather have a great future ahead. I’ll look forward to hearing what it is.

  5. I found you in freshly pressed and your post sound interesting…I will follow for curiosity.

  6. Thanks for going back to your roots. It will be a pleasure to read what you personally feel like writing.

  7. Good luck with your next endeavors Erick from the entire team at LaunchSquad. We’ve enjoyed working with you over the years, even if the feeling wasn’t always mutual! Looking forward to seeing what you do next.

  8. Change is always difficult irrespective of circumstances around it, but it can also be liberating whilst nerve racking and still a lot of fun. Good luck with the change and wow, freshly pressed on post no. 1. Kudos! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you…

  9. Welcome to WP. Go forth and conquer the great Blue Nowhere! – Cheers, MoSop

  10. Welcome Ercik! I hope you find your digs a lot more relaxing. There are all kinds of places to roam and people to meet. I love it here!

  11. Erick: We’ll look forward to more great work from you both with your personal blog and any upcoming professional foray’s. Take a deep breath of the fresh air and enjoy it!

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